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Menschen brauchen Tiere e.V.

managed by I. Kirchhoff

About us

People need animals (registered association, founded 2011) provides an exhilarating approach between humans and animals, most people are lacking in their normal lives. Under guidance of animal-assisted activities, encouragement and pedagogy at eye level, people can meet domestic farm animals located in the „Old Forest House“ in Woernbrunn near Munich.

Experience-based knowledge transfer is specifically designed for several target groups and promotes environmental awareness within the meaning of education for sustainable development.

Experiences in and with nature provide self-confidence, empathy and respect and strengthen the relationship of man to his contemporaries.

This unique human-animal meeting place enables sheep and goats their species-appropriate life in open stables. Through observation and experience about how animals interact with each other, visitors get impulses to transform their own lives – positively and sustainably.


Wörnbrunn 3

I. Kirchhoff

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