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Calvary Empowerment

managed by D. Adzaka

About us

Calvary Empowerment Ministry is a non governmental organisation based in Ghana, our feasibility studies and research shows that many people in the Juapong and its environs areas lack basic things, some of them does not have enough food to eat, can not send their wards to school, income generate projects etc. Although the Juapong can bust of one well known Cloth Factory but most workers from outside the communities due to educational background. Their farming community, the land are very fertile, very good for all crops.

Calvary Empowerment Ministry design very lucrative and sustainable agriculture projects to be carry out in the Juapong and villages around. The projects is called "Operation Feed Yourself and Create Wealth". Calvary Empowerment Ministry has negotieated for very fertile land to be used for these projects.
Calvary Empowerment Ministry want to go into maize and yam farming.


Akatamanso Newtown

D. Adzaka

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