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I live near Belgrade, in the city where there are too many stray dogs.Shelters are full, and they can no longer accept any dogs.So far I've been able to feed them, finding new homes, take to the vet, but I almost lost my job and now it's impossible.On the street treat a dog that suffers from démodés, skin disease which attacks the internal organs, because I do not have the funds for temporary housing.And there are other dogs who suffer from the disease of inflammation of the eye, broken legs, inflammation of the ear, a broken jaw and a lot more.Is the place these dogs in the street?I never had the money to open his own asylum, so I took care of them on the street.I took sick at the vet, and in my apartment where I live privately on recovery, pups that throw litter into my apartment, finding them a home, but I'm no longer able to do that.A lot of them should be sterilized, vaccinated, clean them from ticks and fleas, put them in a safe place until call a person who wants to take them and give them a warm home.Please help themAnd a little help means a lot to them to see another these wonderful creatures will find a home that they deserve


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