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Tukutane Organization

managed by Kim A.

About us

TUKUTANE is an indigenous, non-governmental and not for profit humanitarian organization intercepted in 2012 by Tanzanian volunteers who committed to promote a proactive strategy of poverty alleviation, aimed at supporting women and children, and keeping families intact.

Women bear almost all responsibility for meeting needs of the family, yet they are systematically denied from all resources, information and freedom of action they need to fulfill this responsibility. The majority of country's poor populations are women; two-thirds of the Tanzanians' illiterates are females, and studies also show that, HIV/AIDS is rapidly becoming a woman's disease. In Tanzania, three-quarters of all young people living with HIV are women.

From the thousands of school age children who are deprived from going to school, the majority of them are girls. The current country food price crisis is having a severe impact on women and children. In our country, thousands of people eat two or three times a day, but a significant percentage of women and children eat only once. In fact many women skip their one time meal to ensure that their children are fed. These women are already suffering the effects of even more severe malnutrition, which inevitably will be their children's fate as well. The impact of this crisis is clearly visible on the children. They are often abandoned by their suffering mothers. If not abandoned they are abused and exploited.

Studies have shown that when women are supported and empowered then the who society gets benefited. Because of which their families remain healthy, more children attend schools, agricultural productivity improves and family income increase. In short, communities become more resilient.

TUKUTANE firmly believes that empowering women and children would be the agent that proves to be an essential element for achieving the end of hunger and poverty. We support women and children and build their capacity. TUKUTANE envisages Tanzania where all women and children have access to their rights and have privilege to development; and are protected from all forms of harassment and exploitation.


Geita Town

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