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Lehrstuhl für Gebäudelehre RWTH Aachen

managed by N. Pszola

About us

A Theater for Guga S’Thebe

Together with future users students of Architecture design, plan and build a theatre for the township Langa in Cape Town.

As extension of the existing art and cultural centre Guga S‘Thebe a multipurpose space will be constructed, which can host productions of local theatre companies, as well as concerts, church services and festivals. The offered program will primarily focus on children and adolescents, for whom the Guga S‘Thebe is already now an important and unique place for out-of-school activities.

The project depends on financial support and only through your donations we can realize our aim. Donations in form of materials and tools are gladly welcome as well.

The construction is planned for summer 2013.
The project is a cooperation between the universities RWTH Aachen, PBSA (FH Düsseldorf) and Georgia Institute of Technology.


Washington Street
South Africa

N. Pszola

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