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Greenfound Foundation

managed by K. Staud

About us

The GreenFound Foundation was revived in February 2013 when Kay Boyd, Laurens and Lois Duiveman started to engage in the fight against the starvation of 80 donkeys which were penned by the island government in February 2012. They immediately started to protest against this cruel act and started to feed and give water to these donkeys. During this quest more than 20 donkeys died.

In April 2013, they started a nursery with the 16 weakest donkeys on a plot of land on Laurens’ farm. The rest of the surviving donkeys (40 in total) are still under the ownership of the Island Government.

The ultimate goal is to start a donkey sanctuary for all the donkeys on the Island. To accomplish this, a private plot of land must be available. The local government does not have any land available for a donkey sanctuary

The mission of the donkey nursery on Statia is to protect the cultural heritage of the donkeys, in particular their use in agriculture on the island. The nursery will also be a place where the youth of Saint Eustatius can interact with donkeys and learn about animal welfare and animal care.


Man O’War Plantation
Sint Eustatius
Sint Maarten

K. Staud

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