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Mukuru Talent Development

managed by E. Maregu

About us

Mukuru Talent Development is a community-based organization located in Viwandani, Kenya with an informal agreement with the city of Nairobi. It was founded in March 2010, by Benedetta Mwongeli, in order to establish a permanent system for talented youth in the community. Our mission is to give the youth of Viwandani the chance to take ownership of their futures in a number of ways: building jobs skills like computer use and management, developing talents through advanced dancing and karate classes, as well as providing general education on on topics including health and fitness. The programs at MTD also give the youth a chance explore hidden talents, as many have through our music lessons.

Our philosophy is that all young people deserve to be vocal and respected members of their communities, that education is the path to a better world for everyone, and that each person, regardless of his or her circumstances, has the power to shape the future.

At the moment we are working on a sandal-producing project which we are trying to promote and get the word out about in any way possible.


Off Lunga Lunga Road

E. Maregu

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