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Horse Protection Society (Zirgu Globos Asociacija)

managed by D. Okunevicius

About us

Zirgu Globos Asociacija (Horse Protection Society - HPS) is a non – profit organization aiming to promote equine welfare and education on equine care, humane handling and equine behavior. We also provide direct help to horses in need.

Our fields of work:
- direct help and support in crisis situations; recommendations of the veterinary, farriery, nutrition specialists; horse sheltering; foster care;
- education: informational articles, public discussions and polls, seminars, workshops; information on EU experience and law, news on equine veterinary, care and humane handling

Our vision:
Responsible and compassionate view towards equines

Our mission:
To form clear and concrete equine welfare standards and achieve that these standards would be acknowledged and put into practice nation - wide

Our goals:
- Easily accessible, professional, actual and relevant information on horse and pony care, training methods, newest veterinary and farriery discoveries and improvements, humane training methods and welfare;
- Easily accessible and available advice and consulting on horse care and welfare as well as directions to specialists of specific fields (e.g. nutrition, vet, etc);
- Education on equine welfare;
- Promoting kindness and compassion towards horses and ponies;
- Co – operating with the National Equestrian Sports Association, national studs and yards as well as equestrian sports clubs and private stud/yard owners, striving for mutual work regarding education on equine welfare;
- Lobbying for law changes which would better defy the concepts of “animal abuse”, “cruelty against animals” etc and ensure stricter fines for offenders including animal confiscation in more severe cases.


Palangos 2-38

D. Okunevicius

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