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St. Francis Oriang Development Programme

managed by J. Kochieng'

About us

This is an independent Community Development Organization based under Catholic Church and works on issues within the intersection between health, education and human rights from 2006. We are keen to see a society where men, women and children enjoy meaningful and dignified lives and at the same time participate fully as equal partners in improving their socio-economic and political conditions.
A board of 3 runs the organization. Our Board participates in defining policies, fundraising campaigns, advocacy and public relations.
Board: 1. Jude Kochieng -Project Coordinator , 2. Sam Odongo -Chairman, 3. Sr. Florence -Member
VISION “Aspire to impart the highest and long term development effects on enrolled families and entire community.”
MISSION: “Striving towards achieving long lasting Community Development by forging and facilitating total involvement BY ALL irrespective of gender, clan, faith, political and social status and by interactive right based community initiatives”.
ACTIVITIES : Education, Health & Rehabilitation, Water and Sanitation
Activities: 1. Education Program: (St. Francis of Assisi Inclusive Primary School)
At the moment, we have built a beautiful model primary school upto class ECD, class 1 – 3.we ensure quality education to all enrolled children. This school is very unique in the sense that we employ our own teachers and ask friends to support the tuition of these pupils. Bright and needy students enrolled in our project and in secondary schools also get school fees support if there is such a chance. The school was built by the support of KANS RIJK through Mill Hill Missionaries
2.Health Program: In this functional area, we ensure proper preventive health care services to the community including immunization, curative & referral, disease control including HIV/AIDS and health education. HIV/AIDS has contributed to a lot of problems in this community. We teach people on HIV/AIDS

Latest project news

Change a life of a needy child

  J. Kochieng'  17 May 2009 at 09:58 AM

Dear Friends, there is need to support children with disabilities.With your help, they can lead active, productive lives.

. By Jude - Coordinator, Kisumu Kenya


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Kisumu, Kenya

J. Kochieng'

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