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Action For Community Development

managed by A. Ajufoh

About us

This project will assist 200 orphans in primary and secondary schools in Evbuotubu community with the necessary school supplies and psychosocial support to remain in school to complete their Education.
What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Currently, over 1200 orphans live in Evbuotubu community, despite the free universal basic scheme operational in the country & state, this covers only tuition, leaving all other aspect like books,sandals, psychosocial support,& uniform unattended to. For orphans, the situations is very bad , thus making schooling very difficult. This project intends helping 200 of these orphans who are in primary and secondary schools in Evbuotubu community get the necessary support to complete their education.
How will this project solve this problem?

This project will comprehensively map orphans in the community and sensitize community members to ensure that no orphan of schooling age is left out of school.Provide books,uniforms,sandals,school bags,psychosocial support,health and nutrition education and income generating opportunities for care providers with orphans in their household.It would also inspire community members to provide regular support for orphans for sustainability.
Potential Long Term Impact

This project will enable 200 children complete their education thereby giving them economic and social empowerment and thus,enable them to become responsible citizens in the future that can contribute to the development of their family,community and nation.The mobilization & sensitization of the community will enable the community to support more orphans in the future and ensure that no orphan is left out of school in Evbuotubu.Thus contributing to the realization of universal basic education.

Project Message

''My father died about two years ago, my mum is very sick, the doctor says she has HIV. My brother and I miss school a lot. Even when we manage to go to school we don't have books to write with.
- Otasowie Osagie, 8 -year old girl in primary school


8, ogbahon street off Evbuotubu

A. Ajufoh

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