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Jesus' Wind Of Victory - Uganda

managed by W. Julius

About us

Jesus’ Wind of Victory began in 2010, but the story of how it all started begins with my own life. What inspired me to assist vulnerable children and various members of the community is that I have experienced the same struggles personally. I grew up with the same hurts of losing my parents at a young age and being forced into a daily struggle to live day by day…..for many years. I was uncertain of where my life and the lives of my younger siblings were going. With no other family members to look after us, and without community members to lend a hand, it was a fight for survival on a daily basis for many years. I held the same feelings of fear and hopelessness in my heart.

However I believe that God promises us abundant life, and a future full of hope and joy. The life of my siblings and mine took a turn when God led several groups and individuals of missionaries to provide for us. God made a way, when there seemed no way to fulfill His promise. The ability to live a life of good health, safety, and a bright future came back into our lives as the organization where we were staying provided us with opportunities for education, shelter, and other basic needs. Feeling the Lord’s provision in my family’s life, gave me a passion to start Jesus Wind of Victory. Just as my life changed and I felt a wind of victory, I wanted to serve God by providing the same impact of Christ’s love to other Ugandans in need as well. It is my passion to serve the Lord and enable vulnerable children and others struggling in the community to experience God’s love and restoration in their lives as well. Therefore the programs of JWOV strive to enable these individuals to not have to go through the same hardships I went through. More importantly, the programs empower both the hurting and the caregivers in the community to know the abundant life that Jesus offers to all people. Thus part of our mission statement is from 2 Corinthians 5:14, “The love of Christ Constraints us.”

In order to share the love of Christ we identified several critical needs among orphans and other vulnerable children, widows, and other members in need of assistance. Currently the programs implemented work to meet both immediate needs, and also equip the recipients for the future. We established an orphanage which is currently hosting 25 kids both orphans and vulnerable children.
The children range from age 3 to 20. Investing in these children not only changes their lives, but also impacts the future of Uganda. Many of the issues that force a difficult lifestyle upon Ugandans will be resolved as these children can change the future of Uganda. Therefore our children receive a caring family, food, shelter, spiritual mentoring and medication when they fail sick.

In conjunction with the orphanage program we have an educational/sponsorship program set up. Through this program, we have managed to acquire sponsors through the people who visit us at the home every summer via our partnership with Engage Hope. The children receive sponsorships to pay for their school fees in public & Christian schools; our children are also taught vocational skills such as craft making while others are further supported to higher learning institutions like vocational institutions etc. Hence if you would like to sponsor a child, you can send your donations through Engage Hope Ministry; contact person “Barbara Kellar; Sponsor-A-Child Coordinator, Engage Hope, 985-630-3812, Email:

The orphanage is also a center for impact in the community as a whole. So we have 2 programs currently which allows for the orphanage to be a center of hope to families in the surrounding community. In addition to the education program we have for the orphans at JWOV, In order to let children of Uganda to know the love of Christ, it is important to make an impact on the lives of caregivers and neighbors as well. So we started the Outreach program .
Within this program we host two bible studies a week at the orphanage. It is open for both the children and adults in the community. These bible studies are also open to men and women who attend the classes at the vocational center (sewing and Knitting). The goal of the outreach program is to build relationships and teach the foundations for living for Christ within their own homesteads. Through this program people will learn about prayer, the bible, and the love of God, through His son Jesus Christ. We host these bible studies, and have plans to create more groups to learn about God’s love in order to have an intimate relationship with Christ, full of hope and freedom.

In conjunction with this outreach program, we have set up a Vocational Center (Sewing/ Knitting Centre) we built invests in equipping widows, and other men and women for the future. At this center, those attending the classes can learn both vocational skills to allow them to generate an income, as well as biblical teaching as a foundation for living a joyful life. They will attend classes on daily basis, learn sewing & knitting skills, and devotionals so they know how Christ cares about all aspects of their lives. We hope to offer these women/men a means to sustain their lives and the lives of their families. And we hope to build relationships so they will feel welcome to attend bible studies and learn more about God’s truth as well.

Also JWOV empowers farmers/poor families in rural areas through our “SEEDS FOR CHANGE” program that is fighting hunger problems in rural families all over Uganda. So far we have 5 rural villages which have benefited through this program and many have experienced improved standards of living in their families. Seeds for Change in conjunction with Business enrichment program brings great opportunities to these families to have a diversified business chances to improve on their small scale businesses. A certificate of satisfaction is given to the members who have under go through the business course.

In conjunction with Business enrichment program, JWOV has developed the culture of saving in many people through establishing small village banks to enable the people to learn to save for their future. This program has enabled many people to meet their family demands since they give themselves small loans to improve/boost on their businesses so as to raise their incomes. So far we have 4 village banks in existence that are really doing well.

It is a blessing and privilege to serve these people. JWOV also offers a powerful opportunity for our neighbors across the ocean to be part of something special. Thus, currently we are partnering with “whatever is pure ministry” from USA – NC, directed by Traci Slusarski. It’s my desire and plan to make this organization long living and self-sustaining. We are already taking strides to creating an economically independent NGO through our sustainable projects like Poultry farm, tents rental, sewing center, our animals i.e. Cows and goats which stimulates the Ugandan economy. However, in the beginning stages as we work towards that, we are inviting you and many others to walk along with us in this amazing journey. I have learned from my own experience, and from testimonies of other volunteers, that is not only the receivers who feel the love of God through this ministry, but also those who choose to work with us. By partnering with us through prayer, volunteering, or donations we can work together to make a difference in someone’ life. Therefore, I welcome you as we walk this path of helping these children, widows and other needy people in our community. I am so excited to have you apart of us as I stretch a hand to these people.

Latest project news

I triggered a payout for these needs:

  W. Julius  21 June 2016 at 02:57 PM

I am so thankful to be requesting for this funds, i do intend to use it to buy food for the needy people who are taking days without meal on their tables. Our target group of such people are the elderly one whom we are working with in one of our villages. 

I want to extend my gratitude to betterplace management for enabling us to raise funds so that we can create an impact in someone's life. 



A donation amount of €70.00 was requested for the following needs:

Food for the Poor people €70.00
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