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Sicilian Vero Tour

managed by Milu G.

About us

We believe that at this moment in history there is a growing need for Humanity to change the paradigm. We need to look at life with different eyes, and believe that happiness and a conscious living in respect and symbiosis with nature is not only possible, but necessary.

We create Learning Centers where to experience how to face the new challenges of this ever changing world. We focus on the learning aspect because we like to share our experiences and knowledges with as many people as possible.

We create holistic retreats designed to calm the mind and get in contact with nature. Cocoons for the new humanity we wish to create. Places where you can learn about future shifting paradigms in relation to work and life issues.

We have a non conventional approach to some fundamental aspect of life and community: How we manage energy, how we use water, how we eat, how we look into each-other’s eyes.

We choose Sicily for different reasons: It has a remarkably various and breathtaking landscape, some of us were born here and we like to be close to our loving families, there is an history of civilization going back to the Greeks, it is a land of poets and scientists. We love it!

We are a family of friends and relatives that has been researching for many years into the fields of “new ways of life”, possible alternate realities that need only a small group of people to become “real” worlds.


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