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Global Welfare Association (GLOWA)

managed by Jamils Richard A.

About us

Global Welfare Organization (GLOWA) is a not-for-profit; nongovernmental organization dedicated to upholding the rights of children through education and training in Cameroon. Created out of great demands to meet the needs of children with limited parental care (usually under the care of elderly grand parents who are vulnerable themselves), GLOWA is dedicated to reduce the likelihood of child abuse by supporting livelihood activities of caregivers who are grandparents using varied approaches that range from community education to prevent trafficking, economic support to rescued victims and supporting the care . Through these works, GLOWA aims to systematically transform communities and nurture a culture of respect for human rights, particularly those of children and women while fighting against the systematic abuses faced by the most vulnerable.
Based on the strong believe that every child should grow in an environment where s/he feels free, valued, and given the opportunity to maximize his/her potentials without succumbing to domestic and sexual servitude, GLOWA aspire to build child-friendly and abuse-sensitive communities where children are empowered as claim holders and promoters of their basic human rights. We are committed to upholding these rights as a way of preparing future generations of Cameroonians to become productive citizens of society.

Latest project news

Our Joy, Our Lives

  Jamils Richard A.  20 March 2013 at 12:12 PM

Our Joy Our Live is a documentary  on victims of child trafficking. It tell the true life story of a 14 years old girl sex trafficked to Gabon where she was also forced to steal from her clients for the slaver. The detail can be watched here

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