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managed by S. Stoll

About us is a non-profit-project that aims to create an Internet powered by renewable energy. The Internet consumes huge amounts of electricity through millions of connected devices.

In 2005, this was equivalent to the energy production capacity of two nuclear power stations - in Germany alone! The power consumption of communication has already surpassed the usage for lighting in Germany and is only going up.

We promote the adoption of renewable energy for all types of Internet services and encourage its general application. Savings by economical, intelligent control of the power supply are the most profoundly important but least provided energy sources, as we see it. wants to bring IT experts, Internet service providers, carriers, civil and electrical engineers and energy providers together and support this people building a more sustainable internet. We also want to inform endusers about the latest developments and technologies.

Finally we want to let the idea of an internet based on renewables and sustainable machine go around the world, to make the world a better place ;)


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