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Hezekiah Village Trust

managed by H. Mudzamba

About us

My village started a Community Nutrition and Gardening project in one Midlands Province in Zimbabwe around 2003, which saw the training of women and a few men from our village to farm vegetable and select nutritional field crops and add value to them to feed their families as well as to sell for household income.The village made contributions to draw electricity, sink 3 boreholes and construct 3 demonstration gardens.Every household (women) were trained.

Our village project collapsed due to political conflict but, having seen the direction in which the politics our my country is now moving, it is our wish to revive the project as a way of re-empowering our village as well as giving people a chance to work together for better livelihoods, while forgiving and forgetting the misdeeds of the decade gone by.

We intent to construct a village pre-school, library for distance learning and a Rural Farmers' Academy.


Gokwe North

H. Mudzamba

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