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Future Generation

managed by A. Gharbi

About us

Tunisia at the moment is going through one of the most important periods in its history. Having shaken off the dictatorship, Tunisians are now trying to regain their freedom in all walks of life: the arts, sports, and of course: politics. Freedom of expression and empowering young people are the foundation for all other values of the revolution and the focus of "Jil Ghodwa”
Sustainable social change needs to incorporate our children. At "Jil Ghodwa" we believe that it is crucial to educate kids from a young age to become the future guardians of the newly-gained freedom in Tunisia. Our vision is to empower the young generation to express themselves freely because we believe that freedom of expression and constructive critique are the keys to good citizenship.

Our first project "Music Awakening" tries to achieve this vision through music. Music is a very powerful tool, it builds confidence and a sense of self-worth, it strengthens belief in one's own abilities and performing music in public increases self-esteem. Overall, music is a creative way of expressing one's thoughts and creating music promotes reflection and engagement with one's environment and feelings. Producing and performing music in a group strengthens teamwork and collaboration skills that are essential for kids to become good citizens. Music is also a source of inspiration and creativity, something that is very much needed in this time of turmoil. Through composing and performing their own music, we hope to create the empowerment in kids that we strive for.

Our project beneficiaries for this first project are 16 children from a marginalized place [give exact location and more description why they are marginalized as well as number of kids you'll directly affect]. These kids will receive vocal workshops over the course of 28 weeks to compose and practice music together. A combination of workshop components created by Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze will be used during the teaching. The workshops will culminate in a final concert for a large audience.

Another goal of “Jil Ghodwa” is to organize a national forum for music awakening. In Tunisia, methods of creative music education for kids and the associated materials (songs, poems, books) are entirely lacking. [some more beef here on your second goal] With the long-term goal of enriching the music education scene in Tunisia, we will start this new chapter in music education for kids by training 16 music teachers in the basics of applying the creative methods of music education that we also use in our workshops. Moreover, the practical workshops will be accompanied by theoretical sessions and debates on innovations in music and their positive impact on child development. These will be given by international and recognized experts in the field.


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A. Gharbi

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