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Deutsches Jungforschernetzwerk - juFORUM e.V.

managed by C. Wittkowske

About us

The Deutsches Jungforschernetzwerk - juFORUM e.V. is a network for young scientists and a registered nonprofit association supporting the exchange of ideas between young people who are interested in science. Here is the place, where young scientists get involved with other young scientists.

juFORUM was founded by twelve former participants of the federal science competition „jugend forscht“ in 2000. At first, most of the members were young people who have successfully participated in „jugend forscht“ and wanted to stay in touch. Nowadays, however, juFORUM is open to everyone who is interested in science. By now the association counts more than 200 members.

Our members are pupils, students and Ph.D. students from various fields of natural and engineering sciences. juFORUM e.V. is not only active on a federal level but on a regional level as well, where a vast range of meetings and activities take place every year to support young people engaged in science.



C. Wittkowske

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