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Elly's Dogs

managed by Elly G.

About us

Elly's Dogs
We start a new year,
New Project
to improve the lives of dogs.
And the opportunity to secure accommodation for the dogs to create.
The accommodation is shod and protect it from rain. Wind, wind, and sun.
Even snakes, Oposums, armadillo, raccoons and other predators ...

Also there is the possibility to give the dog to feed directly into the dwelling. What are thieves like mice and birds from stealing prevents, and behind which the mice and birds here.
Furthermore, it is protected from rain., Is not diluted and does not rot ..... What can happen quickly in the summer, it is sour ......

The buildings are to be built onto the existing kennel, thus remains the dogs receive the complete range of the run.

With the improvements we have to also consider what we know from past years that there will be new arrivals, which we have to put somewhere until we have found a new place.
What unfortunately here in Mississippi is not as easy .... And each rescue group screams ON FULL ......

But we can do it together --- ----


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