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Family Foundation

managed by M. Ashraf

About us

Family Foundation Pakistan FFP is a value driven organization. It strongly believes that values are the foundations on which an organization is based and these represent the core beliefs and convictions of an organization. In fact, they describe what the organization stands for. Values establish moral and ethical priorities, which serve to guide all organizational activities. The organizational principles, standards and qualities are also reflected through its practicing values. Family Foundation Pakistan has identified the following organizational core values and it places equal importance on all the values.

Ensuring Participation
Effective networking
Transparency and accountability
Promoting and adapting innovative learning for staff and teachers
Dynamism and professionalism through highly professional body
Committed towards achieving quality education for all
Gender responsive
Core Competencies of FFP

FFP enjoys some core competencies, which ma y not be found in other organizations. The Forum identified the following core competencies after reviewing its results and performances. SHE believes that each of these competencies collectively contributing to achieve its stated goals and objectives.

Dynamic and Functional Council
Pioneering role in popularizing trend-setting activities on quality education
Networking with like minded organizations and Civil Society groups nationally and globally in education sector
Policy research, catalytic and advocacy role influencing government and donor policies
Effective training services for capacity development of partner organizations
Integration of education programs with other development interventions leading towards poverty alleviation

Latest project news

I triggered a payout for these needs:

  M. Ashraf  15 September 2014 at 04:54 PM

Donation for children. Street children and poors. Please accept and proceed further so that I may use this money for children and provide them utmost important thing I can give in this.

A donation amount of €50.00 was requested for the following needs:

Action Pack €50.00
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Regencay Arcade, 9211 Room , Lahore

M. Ashraf

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