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managed by B. Raschovsky

About us

By providing education and publishing opportunities to working children - beyond all distinctions of ethnic, cultural or religious affiliation, Bofoki is helping children to find alternate sources of income.

Our idea is to offer working children diverse multimedia gadgets and the chance to participate in CREATIVE COMPETITIONS under supervision of a volunteer. Children will learn in this competitions how to exploit new media technologies constructively.

By organizing creative competitions and making MULTIMEDIA LABS available to schools/NGO's, working children will get an opportunity to create digital content, learn about new media gadgets AND benefit from it on a long term basis.

The creative competitions include:

• Song Contests
• Painting Contests
• Photo Contests
• Filming / Video Contests
• Creative Writing Contests
• Cooking / Dancing Contests

Imagine what those children would be able to create!

The idea is INNOVATIVE because beside organizing creative competitions, we would like to create a new MEDIA PLATFORM for underprivileged children, giving YouTube and Flickr users some sort of “social” alternative.

Imagine browsing thousands of SONGS, PHOTOS, VIDEOS and PAINTINGS of underprivileged children, who normally would have no access to computers.

The idea is IMPORTANT because many children are living in extreme poverty and are in need for further education. This idea may improve the quality of working children lives by utilising modern technologies and bridging the digital divide.

Our work affirms to these children that we value their gift of creativity. Our mission is to give children a chance to improve their situation and make their concerns visible to the world.

The main objective is that the participating children can find an ongoing source of income utilizing their creativity. Therefore we are not only teach them how to create digital contents they can sell, but we are also assist in finding a MARKETPLACE.


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B. Raschovsky

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