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Wisedorme Centre

managed by wisdorme c.

About us

Four years ago while living in Kangemi, Mr. Kimeria consummated his dream for the youth who were addicted to mediocre mindsets and unenthusiastic lifestyles and after his debut permanent stipend, incepted his dream on top of a vast pit which was neglected by the owners hence exposing it to harbor drug trafficking and other malpractices. Today, Wisedorme School is a show-case of a reformed society that grooms wise leaders for the future. Wisedorme school has a passionate belief that basic primary education is critical to the development of every child, family, community and nation. We believe that it is possible to address this critical need for poor families through new and innovative approaches leveraging the private sector, and that by providing low-cost but high-quality primary education, we will give millions of children the opportunity to accomplish their dreams.

Seven kilometers from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, in the suburbs of a second-rated town named “Kangemi”, rests a mine of knowledge, in a center dubbed Wisedorme School. This cosmopolitan city is not an exception of the nitty-gritty’s prone to any substandard town with the settlers relying on subsistence farming and moribund business to earn a living. Despite the vast population entertaining idleness and unwarranted modes of survival including drug abuse, prostitution, child labor, assault and robbery, Wisedorme School encroaches to provide a platform that would salvage young youth and give hope for the future. The secret of Wisedorme is entrenched in the vision of this school. The difference is defined by our apt services and the adeptness in which we handle the young youth. The structures in Wisedorme would tell you little about us but the fabric and the results of our work, walks the talk.

Wisedorme has five temporarily made class rooms with One hundred and Fifty children today. Over half this number is absorption made during the year 2011. This is a great improvement for a dream which started from humble tumbled grounds, riding in the auspices of HOPE and FAITH even with deficient cash flows and external imbalances borne by the aftermath of post election skirmishes in 2007 and 2008. The colorful iron sheets seem to symbolize ‘color’ in this school, and it is really colorful the way our kids perform. However, the surrounding environment depicts the substandard life exhibited by the occupants of Kangemi.

It has been abrasive for Wisedorme’s operations. We have invested all through hurdles, but we have sustained our existence through hope, resilience and hard work in the name of making best the life of destitute children. We have leased a large space from three different tenants so as to accommodate our target 500 children which we are expecting by mid 2014.

Wisedorme School gives a fraternal approach in providing academic, religious and social studies. It has a concerned team of management and owners who envision sustaining a friendly atmosphere to make the child grow, and an interacting environment to open and expand the child’s mind to discover talents earlier. We are biased towards creating impact to the livelihood in Kangemi and its surrounding environs.

We need to make children talented, sober and emphatic in all arenas so as to develop future leaders and managers. Children are cornerstones of this nation. Let’s make them wise, let’s bring a difference.

Latest project news

I triggered a (partial)payout for these needs:

  wisdorme c.  22 April 2014 at 02:45 PM

This donation is a dream come true for our medical facility whose strategic plan falls in this Year 2014. We have been doing some construction, and we now have confidence to introduce a standard system and drugs for our kids. In the past, we have experienced challenges introducing with first aid, gotten during games time especially by boys. Malaria, chicken pox, flu, fever, headaches, stomach aches and jigger have also been prevalent and we trust that these funds are going to go a long way into creating great impact. To make this project sustainable, we plan to place an affordable price against our services to the neighboring community as well as teachers so that we can replace our drugs for the benefit of our kids.
For starters, we have already identified and trained a teacher to manage the small dream clinic but going forward, we will be able to source specialized medical services from local providers.

A donation amount of €950.00 was requested for the following needs:

Medical Facility €950.00
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