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Alliance for Health and Education Development

managed by Kaise I.

About us

Realize that this is one of the nonprofit organizations of its kind in Uganda conscious of the extreme poverty, illiteracy and unemployment affecting the majority of the population. Most affected are less fortunate children and orphans as well as the youth and widows: and convinced of our indispensable role and commitment in nation building is education, technical, spiritual and economic wellbeing , AHEED is committed to promote sustainable education, health care , HIV/AIDS awareness in schools and communities support the under privileged members of society around the country, protect its environment natural and human resources ,while endeavoring to meet the physical ,emotional and spiritual needs of people.

AHEED of young individuals who aspire to build partnerships with local associations, community leaders and members, youth and parents to implement an ambitious initiative plan that will positively impact on children, youth and women as well as the community in eastern central Uganda.
And as founders of AHEED we would like to say that, ‘’ if no one other than this community, the board and staff of AHEED knew what we are we planning and doing , we are not in this for our reputation or look good for the news . We are in it for the needy and families in eastern central and Uganda at large. We are in it because the opportunity calls, and its right for all of us to respond together and put an end to injustices brought by absolute poverty, UN employment, poor education /illiteracy, gender imbalances, poor healthy etc.

Focused on the young generation, orphaned and street children, AHEED looks to transform the under privileged youth and children in God’s blessing and social harmony of our country and the entire mankind.


Iganga Road Plot 12

Kaise I.

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