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Hope for Future

managed by B. Salewski

About us

Hope for Future is registered with the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands. It is a very small private initiative to support small scale developmentprojects. At the moment there is one project in Egypt.

Latest project news

Hope for Future was able to support child care cen

  B. Salewski  22 September 2009 at 03:16 PM

Dear donors,

we would love to thank you for your help. We were able to hand over the money we collected for the child care centre in august. The children as well as the women who are running the centre would like to express their gratitude! With your help they were able to rent a new place, buy beds, toys and educational material. Furthermore we were able to buy a fridge and many other things that were needed at the new location.

We will keep you informed about the centre! Thank you once more!

Barbara (chairman Hope for Future)


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