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Collect Hope

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About us

The small things are the ones that matter the most!
It all began in June 2009, when I was on a journey through South East Asia. I experienced, in several ways, how poor the structure and organisation of some charities is.After I returned home to Germany, the thought of how one could improve the charity system to make it more obvious and clear to all its supporters stuck in my head for quite a long time. I couldn't stop thinking about it and
so I decided to try developing a little charity project of my own.

It all took off in September 2011. Here we are, starting a charity that might take a long time, depending on how it works out. However, I want everybody to know, that this project won’t change our future or make an impact on the deep social issues in today’s world. It would simply be a lie telling that. The destiny of Collect Hope is to find people who are willing to work hand in hand, internationally, to make some little eyes shine and to help those who are the weakest part of today’s society.

I'm not a big organization nor a rich society, I'm a girl willing to make a little change in little peoples life.
But enough with words let the projects follow! I hope we will all spend a great time, helping those in need.

Sunny greetings to the real world
Stefanie Holzmann

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  betterplace-Team  12 December 2018 at 11:59 AM

Liebe Spender*innen, aufgrund einer Vereinsauflösung bzw. einer Änderung im Verein wird dieses Projekt nicht mehr von dem Collect Hope e.V. durchgeführt. Der Abbruch des Geldspendenprojekts erfolgt gemäß Ziffer 9.5.1 bzw. 9.5.2. unserer AGB für Zeitspenden, steuerbegünstigte Organisationen und Projekte.

Bei Fragen könnt ihr uns gern kontaktieren: Beste Grüße Euer 

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