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managed by Charlotte S.

About us

Young start-up currently being incubated @ Startup Lisboa and run by a team of 5 from Germany, Colombia, Netherlands, Portugal, and Uruguay.

Plugged-in intends to REPOSITION street artists by promoting their talent and services online.

Plugged-in is a social business. We want to promote talented street artists and create an alternative source of revenue for them beyond their street performances. We bring their talent online and expose them to an international audience so that they can increase their reach and impact.

In exchange for our service, we charge a small commission on the salary that the artist receives. This income is reinvested in the business to grow and improve.

Currently, we are running a pilot project in the city of Lisbon. Soon, we intend to expand to other European cities, such as Barcelona, Berlin, London, or Paris.


Rua da Prata 80

Charlotte S.

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