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DESERTEC Foundation

managed by T. Hufermann

About us

"Within 6 hours deserts receive more energy from the sun than humankind consumes within a year."
- Dr. Gerhard Knies

The DESERTEC Concept provides a solution to this. In fact it simultaneously tackles effciently all the global challenges of the upcoming decades mentioned before: shortage of energy, water and food as well as excessive emissions of CO2. At the same time, this concept offers new options for the prosperity and development of regions that have so far, from an economic point of view, been scarcely developed — as well as promising new opportunities for the economically leading countries.

So far, the development and dissemination of the DESERTEC concept has been based primarily on great efforts put in by volunteers. With the increasing interest among politicians and the general public, the tasks of the proponents of the concept have also become more demanding. The DESERTEC Foundation was founded in order to meet these demands.

The DESERTEC Foundation is an ambassador for and supporter of the DESERTEC Concept. The core of this concept is securing the essential requirements of mankind, based on sustainable supplies of energy that are conducive to development and help to reduce the risk of confict.

The DESERTEC Foundation is promoting the DESERTEC Concept by awareness-raising activities and it aims to gain support from many organisations and individuals.


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T. Hufermann

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