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managed by B. Raschovsky

About us

What we do - who we are

By providing education and publishing opportunities
to children - beyond all distinctions of
ethnic, cultural or religious affiliation, Bofoki is
helping children to find alternate sources of income.
Fact is that child labour will not be abolished
in the near future and children will be forced to
help their families to make a living. Bofoki aspires
to help these children by providing education
in digital recording and publishing.
Our work affirms to these children that we value
their gift of creativity.

Our mission is to give children a chance to improve
their situation and make their concerns
visible to the world.
Bofoki assists children and youth in creating:
• digitally recorded songs and spoken
• manuscripts and booklets
• paintings and other artwork
• photography and videos
We are helping children to publish their own
books, pictures, songs, videos and artwork.
Our main objective is that the participating children
can find an ongoing source of income,
utilizing their creativity, and finding a marketplace.
So please log on: By purchasing art, books and
music from children you can make a world of a
difference in their life!


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B. Raschovsky

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