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New Planet Enterprises, LLC

managed by C. Cox

About us

I am a US citizen proposing to build a bio-dynamic farm with a water retention landscape and a wellness resort in the state of Goias in Brazil.

Funding is sought for the first year of the project, during which time a full, detailed business proposal for the subsequent 5 years and a complete report on the project's development will be prepared.

Funds will be used to establish an office in Brasilia DF and for travel within the country to acquire training in permaculture, bio-architecture/construction, medicinal use of plants and other topics of pertinence to the project; and to meet with collaborators, consultants, business partners and prospective market representatives; to acquire farmland suitable for the project; and to raise additional funds to complete the project.

The project will be self-supporting once developed, by offering a number of products and services, as follows.
1. The wellness resort component will be marketed online and worldwide as health ecotourism, the fastest growing market in the tourism industry.
2. Natural health care practitioners will rent spaces in the clinical building to provide their services to guests at the resort as well as local residents.
3. Health education and training will be provided for fees, through classes, seminars, workshops and training programs, for resort guests, the general public and practitioners.
4. Fresh, dried and canned produce, prepared products and herbs from the farm will be sold on site and in local and regional markets.
5. Other programs will be added such as weekend retreats, summer camps, equine activities and Waldorf education.
6. A store will be onsite for visitors offering products of the farm, gifts, souvenirs and books, and a cafe.
7. Most people who work in the ecovillage will live there, contributing financially by investing in their own homes and providing services as members of the community.

Upon the development of this project, this project will be duplicated in other places, helping to spread the concept of the ecovillage as a new model for community living, with health and wellbeing considered universal rights. It is also anticipated that scientific research on the efficacy of treatments using natural medicine will be conducted within the clinical facility and the results dissiminated to the general public.

The exact location of this project has not been determined, it is pending the acquisition of funds to purchase the land. Once the funds are raised to start the project, a suitable large farm will be purchased and the project will get underway. A detailed proposal is in preparation and can be sent on request.