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Rukia Changawa is the third born of a family of 7, born in 2002. She has 5 siblings, Rukia's mother was the second wife of Changawa kirao who now does not live with Rukia.
When Rukia was born, she was a healthy bouncing baby girl which brought joy in her family, however this joy was cut short .When she was barely five months, Rukia developed a condition which troubled her parents. She cried all night, nobody was able to stop her from crying not even the mother.

The parents ignored this tendency of crying hoping somehow it would stop as she grows. However this was not the case, Rukia developed breathing problems, this made her cry unconrolable making her faint some days.
This caused an alarm to the neighbors who adviced that Rukia be taken to hospital. One day Rukia was seriously and was taken to a public hospital. Upon arrival she was taken to the intensive care unity where afterwards was admitted for several days.

When Rukia was four she could neither walk nor speak, her body very week the parents took her to the same hospital, she would be treated and let to go.
Her condition grew worse, through well wishers she was taken to a private hospital and diagnosed to be suffering from a heart disease. She was reffered to Kenyatta National Hospital, for over a year parents labored to see Rukia go for specialised treatment but was not possible for luck of money. Rukias healthy deteriorated until a day came where through welwishers she was taken to the hospital.

Several days was she admitted and checked, she was scanned it was found that she had two openings in her heart causing all the problems of her ill health.
Rukia was to under go heart surgery,due to her health condition and lack of money it was impossible to under go operation and in that she had malnutrition.
The step mother who lives with her was adviced to feed her well and to prepare money for the operation.
Rukia was brought to us in a bad condition by the step mother after being abandoned by the mother. She is now under our care at the project. She needs to be fed,and sleep well, learn and attend routine check up in preparation for the surgery.


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