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Family Health Trust

managed by S. Mainza

About us


The Family Health Trust (FHT) is a non governmental organisation established in 1987 to contribute to the response to the impact of HIV/AIDS in Zambia specifically monze district. The Trust is the umbrella organisation of two specialised AIDS related projects: the AIDS Action Project (AAP) and the Community Based Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CBCO) Project. FHT developed its strategies and reviewed its vision and mission statement to read as follows. All these projects are conducted in Monze.

Family Health Trust vision is

“a society free of HIV and an economically empowered woman”

To realize the vision, Family Health Trust mission is to:

“prevent and control the further spread of HIV/AIDS in Zambia by providing an integrated care and support response to the infected and affected persons”


Livingston Road

S. Mainza

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