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Ninos del Lago

managed by D. Lopez Perez

About us

The mission of Niños del Lago is to provide opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged Guatemalan children to fulfill their potential and become positive agents of social change and empathetic future leaders in their communities.

Niños del Lago is a unique, non-profit youth development organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering children to fulfill their potential and become positive, productive members of their communities.

We work in collaboration with a network of schools and children’s organizations throughout Guatemala to bring hope, opportunity and positive change to vulnerable, disadvantaged youth through an on-going, annual, one-week nature-camp experience and mentoring program. The camp location is in the outskirts of Panajachel, Guatemala, near the beautiful Lago Atitlan.

Through the joy of play, creative activities, structured learning and leadership training, Niños del Lago will provide the bridge to scholarships for higher education, and ultimately lead to long-term positive social change for generations of young Guatemalans, their families, and communities. Ultimately, the goal of Niños del Lago is to develop children’s potential to become positive changemakers and future leaders for a more peaceful and harmonious Guatemala.

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