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Pearl Child Care Project Uganda

managed by M. job

About us

Pearl Child Care Project Uganda is a non-profitable child care and support organization with a primary Mission of commitment to empowering and supporting AIDS orphans and disadvantaged children access free quality formal education and learning life skills scholastic materials, and moral support for hopefulness and a better future The Project is located at Magigye, Gayaza Zirobwe road in Busukuma Sub-county in Wakiso District Uganda

Hundreds of AIDS orphans and disadvantaged children in our community in Uganda do not attend to school and many children congest in classrooms have to sit on the ground and hundreds are being taught in temporally and unsafe classroom environment without facilities they are in desperate need for your help and need some one who can extend a hand to save them from the life of hardship and give them an opportunity t access free quality formal primary school education and learning life skills. These children long for a proper classrooms sitting desks, toilet and scholastic materials

This came as a result of the increasing number of orphaned children due to the predominance of HIV/AIDS which leave many children with no parents to look after them and as well chronicle poverty that contributes to hundreds of vulnerability children, most people in our community are impoverished peasants who do not easily access or even afford to take children to school.

This project therefore desperately needs to Build a community primary school to empower 461 orphans and disadvantaged children currently supported by the project to access free quality formal education and learning life skills, if this school is build; we will be able to enroll 40 disadvantaged children every year to have an education as a result this will make a direct and a positive impact to save hundred of needy from a life of hardship and integrate them into society for development in action for a better future

We cannot do this work alone without people like you donors and supporters who can give an observable portrait of God's desire and lend a hand to build this community primary school for disadvantaged children and in turn, will earn a hearing for a life changing in the lives of underprivileged children.

“If we cannot give answers to these suffering children , we will loose them and the world will loose them too! As street beggars or hooligans! And there will be no living hope for them"

Slowly Slowly an egg will walk


Gayaza Zirobwe road
Gayaza town

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