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Mentor Vounteers Uganda

managed by N. Mercy

About us

The Xtreme Girls Academy is a project providing holistic development to Ugandan girls in wakiso, This One of the awesome achievements of the Uganda Education Project has been to set up a girls’ soccer and athletics program in the East African nation Uganda, we are loated at Namayumba sub-county Wakiso district at Extreme High School Namayumba

Soccer is a powerful way for these girls to learn leadership and teamwork skills, and to gain confidence. it’s also a way for them to have some fun! which looks to fight the ill affects of behavior trends and lack of hope through Girls Soccer [Football] and Athletics . Xtreme girls Academy Project give the impression mostly to provide orphaned and underprivileged girls the opportunity to play on a well coached team, within a school league that features organized games and actual fields. Organized sports of any kind hardly exist within Uganda , especially for those between 8 to 18years old. They learn and develop technical and coordinative skills, in conjunction with life experience and developed self-awareness through these activtties


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