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Learning Exchange Foundation

managed by D. Crins

About us

The overall plan of the Learning Exchange Foundation is to set up the vocational training institute, in short referred to as “the school” for training in hospitality and entrepreneurship for the tourist sector.
The school will be built next to a newly constructed eco hotel.
The school’s aim is to provide training and opportunities for long-term employment in the growing tourist industry in Bhutan. At the moment there is a high demand for trained staff in the hospitality sector. Youth unemployment is very high in Bhutan and in the central and eastern part of the country there is a high demand for employment opportunities and training in the hospitality sector. The school can fill a gap in the need for highly skilled staff for the hospitality and tourist sector and the creation of sustainable employment. Local arts and crafts will be used to decorate the interior of the hotel. If needed the local artisans will be trained by a Dutch design teacher to make the crafts suitable for interior decoration and furniture for the hotel, and such items could later be sold at the hotel store.



D. Crins

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