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Suubi Community Development Initiative

managed by s. yusuf

About us

Uganda population is approximately 35 million people of which 70 percent are youth below 35 years. 45 percent are children below 18 years. Although government introduced universal primary edication, it has not yielded much success as only 40 percent of all school going children access education. Hiv has affected and brought implication to the communities of uganda. Many children resort to streets, sex trade, drug abuse and crime for survival after loosing parents to AIDS.
This project intends to bring out these children to life by sensitizing them against crime, sex trade, drug abuse, etc. We try to give education to the children and accomodation in foster homes and giving vocational training to such youth as a better means of survival also as a better alternative to crime, sex trade, drug abuse,etc.

We feel that in this way we have provided hope. Funding is our major challenge.



s. yusuf

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