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Practical, Participatory and Appropriate Social Mobilisation and Messaging. In 2007 a group of artists and activists came together to create an association with the aim of using music in a truly unique participatory approach for HIV/AIDS campaigns and awareness raising.
Using music as a tool for social change Positivo began developing a method for highly effective public health messaging with Mozambican school children.

Guiding ethics of the association

Positivo start from the assumption that Mozambicans are capable of making correct/healthy life decisions when presented with correct/healthy information.

Positivo don’t impose their message on the target group. The team works alongside the target group, as equals, with the purpose of creating a message together, using the medium of music.

If you want to change behaviour within a designated social group, you must engage the group in dialogue and listen to them.

Mozambicans have the solutions to their problems, Positivo simply amplify their messages through music.


Avenida de Moçambique
Cidade de Inhambane

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