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Andean Condor Webcam Project

managed by C. Holler

About us

Through the installation of a series of webcams, the project is recording the activities of an Andean condor’s nest for one breeding cycle (one year), in order to study the animal’s behavior.

We are setting up a website that will broadcast the condor’s activities live, and will have conservation educational material to watch and download.
Studies on the condor´s flying routes and air currents around empty nests are being carried out, using paragliders, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and gliders.
A documentary film of the whole project is being shot, aimed at broadcasting it by international TV networks. The documentary will also be used as a conservation educational tool.
Andean Condors are in danger, almost facing extinction in places like Venezuela and Colombia.
With our research and education tools we will help to protect the species and Patagonia´s biodiversity.


Lonquimay 3952

C. Holler

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