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Africa Health Placements

managed by J. Strydom

About us


Africa Health Placements is human resources solutions and services organisation whose work has been changing the face of public health in southern Africa, creating completely new outcomes for healthcare facilities that might otherwise be defunct by now. We define ourselves as “social profit” because our work, whilst mostly donor-funded, delivers profit in terms of improved healthcare and social indicators. In addition, we value results and our organisational culture is strictly focused on delivery.

With 20% of the world’s population, sub-Saharan Africa languishes with only 2% of the world’s physicians. Attracting and retaining health workers and competent management is critical to solving the massive public health issues in this region. AHP aims to enhance the healthcare delivery system in Africa through the provision of human resource solutions and services. Recognising the value of relationships, we conduct our work through people networks that allow us to mobilise resources within Africa and across the world.

At AHP we believe in quality people – like the professionals we employ to work in local hospitals. Similarly, our internal team comprises a set of highly qualified professionals, driven to make a difference in African HR in health. The team profile includes professional recruiters, HR specialists, doctors, nurses, professors, researchers, administrators, marketers and business professionals.

Staffing: Recruitment and registration of local and international health workers and managers to work in permanent or volunteer posts in government and NGO facilities. Recruitment is supported by creative award-winning marketing campaigns involving local and international advertising, conference attendance and media promotions, as well as tapping a growing social network through online portals, alumni and a massive health worker and manager database.

Workforce Support: Orientation and ongoing support for public sector health workers, with a focus on rural areas. Orientation includes clinical, cultural and logistical support. Health worker support is aligned with government policies and NGO programme commitments, and focuses on improving retention through continued professional development, troubleshooting critical retention issues, and working to fix the systems that are creating recurring issues that impact on retention.

Consulting and Advocacy: Helping governments, regulatory bodies and civil society institutions to make themselves competitive in attracting scarce and mobile health worker and manager resources. This includes understanding the drivers of career choice, translating policy into practice and providing on-the-ground resources to help identify and unblock bottlenecks.

Strategic Information: Extensive ongoing monitoring and evaluation, as well as focussed research. This allows AHP to provide detailed intelligence to partners and funders, and to continuously improve upon what we


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J. Strydom

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