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Bakatawamu Information and Development Empowerment

managed by P. Tazuba

About us

Bakatawamu Information and Development Empowerment (BIDE) was first/initially formed as a womens group in January, 2001, by a few women of Jinja District who saw the need to pool their saving together to alleviate poverty, eliminate violence against rural women, hurmful practices among the rural women and involve a system to providing revolving fund and training in business management skills to needy members to start micro-businesses or expand existing micro-projects. At that time, (and even now it was very difficult for the economically active poor women more especially women with HIV/AIDS to access credit or loans from banks and other commercial institutions as they lacked collateral a limiting factor to the majority of poor women who form the bulk of the population.
By July, 2003, the womens group was registered as a CBO and now grown to encompass many interested stake holders, and these decided that the CBO be elevated to NGO/Charity status and be registered with National NGO board so as to pursue revolving fund credit, training, capacity building and development projects that target the economically poor women, especially women with HIV/AIDS and youth in Jinja District and other parts of Eastern Uganda.
So on 13th April 2007 the Organisation was registered with the National Non-Governmental Organisations Board as an NGO/Charity, to carry out its activities in Jinja District with its registration number S.5914/6577.


Main Street Plot 2 post office building

P. Tazuba

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