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managed by Sarah C.

About us

Horo (Χωρώ – to give space) is a new eco-project and community beginning in response to the social, economic and environmental challenges facing us at this time. Situated in the very epicentre of the collapse of the European growth economy, Greece, we have the temporary use of a house and a small organic olive grove in the South West Peloponnese.

Our vision is to become a safe, inclusive and creative space where others can come to share their skills, experience and wisdom and to experiment with ways of responding to the changes happening in the country. Through existing as a venue which will host skill-sharing events and a as demonstration of renewable energy capture and storage, organic food production, eco-building and soil restoration we hope to inspire the local people to work towards a more sustainable future.

We are also planning a ‘Mini-Ecovillage Design Education’ seminar for the end of July, which utilises a participatory learning approach and is based on the curriculum of Gaia Education.


P.O. Box 6054

Sarah C.

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