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hopechildrencommunitybased org-

managed by A. shariff

About us

HOPE CHILDREN MINISTRY is a non- profitable org` registerd as a C.B.O to provide education for all by helping oprphans , school non-going street children to get better education, health and nutrion.The project also advocates for H.I.V awareness, Drug Abuse, Adult letracey women empowerement and food security in the slums of NAKURU KENYA.
Is to transform the lives of opharns, street children and destitute souls in the society to a promising future by prividing education, health, and nutrition
To restore the fortunes of the less privilaged in the community
Currently the center is providing Nursery education, this includes children from poor families , children from streets, and orphans.
It is providing adult literacy
It is providing technical courses for adults
It providing medical care/community health
Food for children in the school
Sponsorship for primary education
Providing education on H.I.V/AIDS awareness
Involved in sports and games activities
You can volunter at the center by,
teaching in class
helping in kitchen to cook food for the kids
you can help coach or train the kids any sports you like
you can support achild to get primary education, thr` sponsorship, so far the project has assisted 12 children to go to the best primary schools ;
6 to PCEA academy ( powered by start small.. thanks)
6 to ROOTS Academy
you can support the school with stationaries
you can sponsor one of our teachers to train in montessory system,this system embraces the use of materiasl to teach the children and the shool has preferd it, for now we have one helpers who is sponsored to train.
You can also help us fundraise to buy the land for the school
you can donate cloths , toys, etc
you can also offer monthly donation to support food programme for children and helpers

Latest project news

Volunteers needed

  A. shariff  20 March 2014 at 02:56 PM

  There  is  a  need  of  volunteers  at the  center,we  would  like  to welcome  any individual  who  is  will  to  volunteer  with  us,  during  this  summer  Holiday,
one  can involve  in  teaching  aid, building, medical  services, or  sports  activities,  you  are  all  welcomed, 
for  more  information contact  us,  also  check us  on  facebook,  Hope Childrens  Ministry  Nakuru  kenya.

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