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Ket Wangi Orphanage

managed by A. O'Connor

About us

Ket Wangi Orphanage and Widows Group (a self-help group registered in Kenya) was founded by Emily Odera, a nurse working in Mombasa. On returning to her family home in Kisumu one day, Emily witnessed the destruction that the post-election violence and HIV/AIDS had wrecked in her community and she impulsively gave her house to care for the orphaned children. It was an act of love and compassion that is making a huge difference but that has strained her resources to their limit. A visitor to Ket Wangi had this to say. "Ket Wangi is so much more than an orphanage. It’s a place where old women walk miles to every day to be given a meal they otherwise would not get. It’s a place where children that have been abused by their family or forced into labour can seek refuge. It’s a place that counsels child wives and where the children are properly educated. In an area where 80% of deaths are attributed to HIV/AIDS and it is seen as witchcraft/ a curse, it educates the future generation about the virus and how to prevent it from spreading. In short, Ket Wangi is absolutely essential to this whole area.”
Ket Wangi means "wait and see" and indeed many people have now contributed money, goods and on the ground help but it struggles to meet all its monthly costs to feed, school and carel, let alone improve the physical environment, for these children; many of whom are HIV positive. Can you help?
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