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Universal Initiative Foundation

managed by D. Stiles

About us

Universal Initiative is a public charitable, non-profit Foundation with a global view to assist financially and with technical expertise through it's Volunteer Program, religious and secular, social welfare, medical and medical research institutions, thereby enhancing their ability to build, maintain and expand their humanitarian endeavors.
Our most urgent initiative is to protect children and young adults with Albinism in Tanzania from mutilation and slaughter for their body parts sold to witchdoctors.
We urgently need funds to build a secure sanctuary, dormitories, health facilities and schools in Tabora, Tanzania for up to 600 Albino children and other abandoned and orphaned children. 5 acres of land have been donated by the parish of Cheyo and we are ready to return to Tanzania to order architectural plans and engineering studies and to oversee the beginning of construction.


5450 Larchwood Lane

D. Stiles

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