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Wamumbi Orphan Care

managed by betterplace-Team

About us

HIV/AIDS is prevalent in Kangema District and has had a devastating impact on local communities and their ability to provide for the many children left behind. On top of losing their parents, and some being infected themselves, these children have to face the social stigma attached to their situation. Even those who have the benefit of having a granny, grandpa, aunt, uncle, family friend to look after them, it is a struggle not only for them but those who care for them. We support orphaned children and their guardians (often elderly grannies or grandpas) by facilitating a support group where they can come together and feel less alone in their situation, running practical workshops for them to learn vital life skills, and contributing towards the basic needs of the children.

Latest project news

Cancellation of project

  betterplace-Team  29 September 2016 at 05:41 PM

Dear donors,

the project was cancelled by the project manager G. Lamond. The cancellation of the aid project is effected according to paragraph 7.5.2. of our terms and conditions for organisations and projects without tax advantages. 

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