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The Citi-­Zen Foundation project ̈The Citi-­Zen School of Love-Awareness ̈ (CZSLA) is concerned with the creation of centers of peace for education in conclusively resolving the causal basis of conflict and stress, as next generation solutions for a sustainable future, via a system of practical and viable methods through which to transform the causal basis of these issues in society. Thus initiating a counter trend to the momentum of hate­/stress consciousness, compounded in recent history, which is singularly responsible for our present social dis­ease .

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  A. Sinnott  04 September 2009 at 05:47 PM

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Continuing to do what I can without any funding is a slow process.

As I go about in the world, it becomes more obvious to me, and I think to many of us, that popular culture is actively engineering greed, conflict, hate, selfishness, consumer brand ignorance, superficiality, licence without conscience or consequence, etc, etc.

It is also visible that, if this goes on, then the world will become worse!

This can only change if we change and if we change NOW.

Outer changes happen because of inner changes.

The world is a result of our states of mind. The world we experience arises because of what we perceive, think, feel, etc.

Peace education is about changing, not just our attitudes, but our understanding.

Invest in peace now and we have a chance to responsibly govern the world to a brighter tomorrow. Invest in The School of Love Awareness and watch peace education develop its out reach.

Please contact me to chat about it all in more detail.

Peace be with you.

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A. Sinnott

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