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Mathare Youth Sports Association-MYSAShootback

managed by Peter N.

About us

MYSA was founded in 1987, in Mathare area of Nairobi; home to some of Africa’s largest and poorest slums. MYSA were the first to link sports with social improvement and community development activities, e.g. garbage collecting, environmental improvement and HIV / AIDS prevention and awareness. Since it’s establishment, MYSA is now the largest self-help youth sports and community service organization in Africa and is recognized as an example of excellence within the sport and development world. There are 16 active MYSA zones throughout Mathare Valley and it’s neighbouring slums. MYSA has also included projects in Kakuma refugee camp in North – West Kenya as well as in Botswana, Tanzania, Sudan and Uganda, giving it an impact towards 200,000 young people. MYSA is owned and managed by the youth themselves giving its genuine and distinctive quality. The average age of MYSA’s volunteer leaders and coaches is 15-16 years old, but despite their young age these young leaders have personally benefited from MYSA programmes and have amazing enthusiasm, with dedication and personal drive to continue developing the organization’s work. Over the years, the organization has expanded including other types of sport activities, arts and culture, health education, photography, youth offender repatriation programme and community libraries. MYSA have also music and culture projects, which imparts life skills messages through entertainment.

MYSA shootback started in 1997, it was first in its kind where unfortuned kids can get an opportunity to to tap their talents and choice of future career by learning how to make photos with 35mm point and shoot cameras, 32 young youths were selected : 16 boys and 16 girls aged between 12 – 17 years old from different slum communities they documented there day to day life and also MYSA activities and shared the photos both locally and internationally by doing exhibitions
Later the interest grew and Video production was introduced in 2005 were kids can make films, drama, short stories in their environs and screen them in a shootback slum community television



Peter N.

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