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About us

Child Welfare Alliance is a nongovernmental organization Reg No S.5914/9044 that works with civil society Organizations, individuals and various stake holders working to improve the status of children in Uganda with special emphasis on children’s rights. The alliance was founded in 2010. Organizations working with children in Uganda identified that though there are many interventions in the sector however, there is little impact on right based programming. The most important need was found to be coordination and dissemination of information in the area of child programming. It is in this realization that Child Welfare Alliance came into being, primarily to Strengthening stakeholder’s capacity to implement rights based programs focusing on children.

Vision: A society that upholds and respects the rights of the children as human rights.

Mission: To advocate, promote and protect the rights of children in Uganda

Goal: To be a proactive organization that works towards the realization of the rights of children through advocacy, networking and direct support.

CWA’s Objectives:
a) Advocacy and promotion of the Rights of the Child
b) Provide a forum to facilitate information exchange among its members and wider community for the effective implementations of programmes for orphans and vulnerable children
c) To strengthen member capacity to implement programs on children issues
d) To initiate and support research activities on children issues


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