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Umthunziwethu-- Our Shelter Children` s Ministry

managed by R. Oborski

About us

Umthunziwethu Childrens Ministry is a ministry to the children

living in the Jozini Area. It is a non-profit organization. Umthuziwethu

Ministry is devoted to find new meaningful and sustainable solutions

for the impoverished children and people living in Jozini, Kwa-Zulu Natal,

South Africa.

Jozini is in the heart of Northern Zululand and it is a beautiful part of South

Africa but our population is made up of many unemployed poor people

who are suffering from T.B and Aids.

Our orphan-care program currently supports 60 orphans. The region of

Jozini has an exceptionelly high unemployment rate, there is

poverty, violence, crime and a high infection of HIV.

Many children lost their parents to Aids and because of extreme

poverty it is very difficult for the extended family to raise these

orphans. In many cases there are only the grandmothers left or the

orphans themselves are left alone as child headed house holds.

These children are without protection and extremely vulnerable.

Right now we support the orphans, approxiatemately 60,
at home with food parcels, we invite them for work-
shops and we visit them in their homes. We distribute
whatever donation we get, but we can only give what
we receive ourselves.


P.O. Box 36096
South Africa

R. Oborski

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