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managed by E. Manishimwe

About us

Peace and ComPeace and Community Development Initiative (PCDI) is a registered community based organization, No. DGCS/8/2004.

Our vision:
A peaceful, understanding and just community free from poverty.

Equipping the community with knowledge, skills and resources effective for peace, justice maintenance and eradication of poverty.

Core Programs:

Leadership Development
Entrepreneurship Development
Child Development munity Development Initiative


i. To train the community in leadership and entrepreneurship.
ii. To provide micro-finance support services to the community.
iii. To provide career training to children between 3 and 17 in the community.


God-fearing, Equality, Justice & Honesty.


i. Training in Leadership & Entrepreneurship
ii. Micro-finance support
iii. Career Training


Peace & Community Development Initiative (PCDI)-Kisoro is a registered community based organization, No. DGCS/8/2004.

The idea began in August 2002. In November, a small scale Savings and Credit group of 10 people was established. It was called Amahoro (Peace) Society. Members would contribute money according to shares. Members of the society could borrow money according to pre-set guidelines.

In November 2003, membership grew to 30 people. At this time there was need to restructure the project to allow more room for growth and efficiency. In December 2003, members resolved to have the project registered. The name was changed to Peace and Community Development Initiative. The name was adopted after realizing the need for intervention into the community’s problems such as extreme ignorance and chronic poverty.

Between 2005 and October 2010 the organization remained existent but had no significant activities due to lack of funding and shifting of significant staff. In October 2010 PCDI resumed operations. A new staff and committee were setup and an office was established. PCDI is currently moving on successfully.


i. Children between 3-17 years (Career Training).
ii. Youth between 18-34 years (Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Management).
iii. Adults between 35-65 years (Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Management).


Bunagana Road
Kisoro Hospital

E. Manishimwe

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