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Lifewater Academy and Orphans center

managed by N. Adhiambo

About us

The purpose of Lifewater Academy is to rescue poor children (OVC) from an environment of physical and spiritual hopelessness and give them a Christian education, nutritious meals, and — when necessary — shelter in a loving Christian family (mother). The Project Goals is as follows;
1. Lead hundreds of children (OVC) to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ; teach them to honor God’s Word as the basis for success in life.
2. Operate the school by providing an excellent curriculum in a clearly Christ-centered environment; provide the necessary school uniforms and supplies.
3. Feed nutritious meals every day to the pupils, so they will be mentally alert, as well as be physically and emotionally healthy.
4. Provide a loving shelter, food and basic needs to pupils who are orphaned--- who are placed under mother family care program.
5. Pay the salaries of 7 teachers, 3 staffs and pastor.


Nairobi _Kisumu Road

N. Adhiambo

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